Policy Update

We are committed to helping you improve your performance on Jumia. Kindly note the following changes and updates to our policies.

Our 21-day Vendor Protection Policy is back
Congratulations on a very successful Black Friday Festival. Our 21-day vendor protection policy will be reinstated on Monday, 12th February 2018.

Jumia commits to pay you for all items shipped from 12th February which have neither been delivered to customers nor made available as returns to you within 21 days. Please note:
  • Customer returns (after successful delivery) are not covered by the 21-day protection policy.
  • Defective items are not covered by the 21-day protection policy.
  • Protection will be deemed void if invoices are not received within 14 days of initial notification.
Faster Fulfilment and Higher Delivery Success Rate
We recorded a significant improvement in our delivery success rate. In December 2017, 1,792 vendors had a delivery success rate of 100%. There is a strong link between fulfillment speed and delivery success rate. Therefore, we have made the following changes in the fulfillment service level agreement, to take effect on the 23rd of February 2018:
  • Please update the status from pending to “ready-to-ship” within 24 hours. No change in this step.
  • Please ship all items on ready-to-ship status within 24 hours.
  • Please note that our system automatically cancels orders outside of SLA at 4 PM daily. Please plan your time at the drop-off stations accordingly.
What will you gain?
  • Great news, we now reward fast fulfillment with real cash!.
  • If you ship 90% of the items within 24 hours (from pending status to shipped), we will give you 50 NGN for each item shipped within 24 hours. This is as high as 50% rebate of your shipping fee contribution.
  • We constantly monitor the delivery success rate for each vendor. From now on, we will offer a free dedicated queue monitoring service to selected vendors with low delivery success rates. You will be notified via email if your success rate is low and the free service will kick off automatically.
Vendor Rejection Policy
Here is a reminder of our vendor rejection policy:
  • Rejected items will be forfeited if invoices are not received within 14 days of initial notification.
  • Please ensure you upload your manufacturer packaging on our website. From March 1, rejections due to issues with manufacturer packaging will not be validated if the image is not uploaded.
Here is a reminder on the minimum commission. As notified on January 24th, our minimum commission level was revised to 300 NGN per item sold. This took effect on February 7th. This means that if the commission to be charged on a delivered item is less than 300 NGN we will apply a flat rate of 300 NGN.

Additionally, this revision affects all other charges and fees, such as Out-of-Stock charges, which are affected by commission levels. Kindly review the price of your items online accordingly and consider bundling low-value items in multiple units / in combos (e.g., sell 5 bags of semo at the same time, or sell a combo of salt + oil + rice).
If you have any questions, concerns, or disputes feel free to raise a claim with us or call 01-8881102 or 01-2772361 between 9 am and 5 pm on Monday to Friday. We are always available to take your calls :)

Wale from your dedicated Jumia Team.